Selected Achievements

– Graduated from department of interior design, TOYO Institute of Art and Design

– Decided to be an artist

– SICF17 Awarded a Prize by Zhang Xi from Modern Art Museum, Shanghai (Spiral/Tokyo)

– Winners show of SICF17 and Livepainting (Spiral/Tokyo)

– Exhibition “Life as a Present” (L’arbre a Plumes/Brussels)

– Group exhibition in NYC

Artist Biography


KYOKO was born in Takasaki-city, Gunma, Japan. After dropping out of university of studying medicine, she graduated from Interior design school. She worked in field of interior design and restaurant while she was being worried and thinking seriously about her life every time. Because she has suffered from sensibility issues since she was a child, she has faced various struggles throughout her life. She wanted to live a life doing something that no one else in the world could do but her.

Finally she found the life to live with art when she was 26 years old and became determined to be one of top artist in the world. After moving several times, she now paints at her studio in Gunma and has exhibitions in various countries and under COVID 19, people from various countries have collected her works online.

She claims that she doesn’t have any inspiration for her art, only prepares real and natural her body in front of a canvas. Without any plans for what she is about it paint, she taps into her stream of paints while leaving out all excessive or unnatural things.

KYOKO, paints with acrylics, high-solid mediums, oil pastels and colored pencils. She has never studied how to use these materials and her artwork is often the result of trial and error with motivation “I can do more, I can do more” After several years of painting, she has been able to develop her own unique techniques.

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Artist Statement

Putting forth all of my energy.

Kyoko begin painting by releasing control of herself to her body. This is often without any planning or conscious thought. Within the naked, energy brimming chaos of her art, she find a certain animal-like creature.

So as not to erase it’s goodness.
So as not to sully it’s true heart.

She keep painting until the animal come into existence fully. After the birth, she give it a name by trying to understand about it’s behaviour and inner being.

Her animals each always show their unique energy and great potential to humans. They always give us message like, “You have your own unique energy and great potential just like me”.

“I hope that, people can discover them by being with my animals”.